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MC Beijinho was arrested on live television last year when he sang an original song that became a nationwide hit
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Quick disclaimer: those who haven’t heard this song yet won’t be able to get it out of their heads after finishing this article. Yep, it’s that catchy. And it all started one fateful day when the police arrested a talented but unknown Brazilian singer.

Passerbys accused the homeless youth of assaulting them and stealing their cellphones. Local police handcuffed 19-year-old Italo Gonçalves and threw him into the trunk of a car. During a regular police chase program, TV reporters filmed the entire arrest. But as reporters approached the trunk of the car, the grinning youth surprised reporters by singing a beautiful melody. Check out the car chase and the singer’s first touch of fame.

Quite appropriately, he sings “Me libera, Nega”, which translates into “free me, girl”.

The camera jumps back and forth between the police and the suspect. The policeman holds up a kitchen knife, which the suspect supposedly used to assault his victims. Meanwhile, the young man continues to sing, his soulful expressions capturing the audience’s attention. Moreover, the reporter seems just as captivated by the young man’s song.

Instead of continuing his interview with the police, the TV reporter turns to the suspect – still in handcuffs – and asks him to sing.

Over the next few weeks, famous Brazilian musicians took up the same melody and sang their own versions on stage. Check out this video where Sertanejo (a Brazilian version of country music) superstar Luan Santana sings the song on stage in early December.

Even legendary MPB singer Caetano Veloso fell in love with this harmony, recording his own acoustic version that went viral this week.

The young singer – now out of jail – released an official clip for the song. See it for yourself here.

MC Beijinho is quickly turning into a crowd favorite, if not for his harmony than for the absurdity of his path to fame.

And guys, we did warn you. If it’s not stuck in your head yet, it’s definitely stuck in ours. But it’s alright, we won’t blame you for listening to this catchy hit on repeat for the rest of the weekend. “Me libera, Nega, deixa eu te amar…”