Brazilians Have More Dogs Than Kids - plus55


According to a recent survey, dogs outnumber children who are 14 years old or less by 7 million
Brazil Culture

Brazil is definitely a dog country.

Brazilians have more dogs than kids. According to data from the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), there are roughly 52 million domestic dogs in the country – compared to 45 million children of 14 years old or less. According to the same survey, there are also 22 million domestic cats in Brazil.

Forty-four percent of Brazilian families have dogs; 36 percent of households have children; only 17 percent have cats. In Paraná, 60 percent of homes have at least one dog. Piauí got the title of “cat state” – 34 of households have at least one.

Brasília, the capital, is neither a cat nor a dog state. Only 7 percent of families have a cat, and 32 percent have a dog – the lowest in both categories.