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This most popular music style in Brazil encountered different phases over its century-long history
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You have probably already heard Sertanejo (Brazilian Country Music) at some point in your life. Over the last few years, the world has gone crazy for songs like Assim Você Me Mata by Michel Teló, or Balada Boa (Tche Tche Rere) by Gusttavo Lima. But this music style is richer than that, being around for more than a century.

In the 20th century, Sertanejo, was characterized by duos featuring harmonized voices. It later migrated from the use of acoustic guitars to more sophisticated arrangements. It may be old, but it has never sold so many albums, both here and abroad. Plus55 has compiled a selection of Sertanejo’s best hits, covering all of its stylistic changes over the years.

Mandi e Sorocabinha – Amanhecer na Roça

One of the first duos to record this kind of music in the country. They had more than 60 recordings in the 1930s.

Torres e Florêncio – A Moda da Mula Preta

Their style dominated the scene for decades.

Alvarenga e Ranchinho – Drama de Angélica

They opened the second wave of the genre and innovated their style by incorporating other genres and instruments

Tonico e Tinoco – Cabocla Tereza / Luar do Sertão

The most important duo in the history of Sertanejo. Their career lasted for 60 years, during which they recorded nearly 1,000 songs and sold more than 150 million albums.

Vieira e Vieirinha – Garça Branca

After their first years of success, they were unable to adapt to urban life and moved back to the countryside – only to be fooled by crooks and lose everything. They then felt obliged to play again and make a living.

Inezita Barroso – Marvada Pinga

Over the fifty years of her career, Barroso hosted a TV program and became one of the biggest names of the genre.

Milionário e José Rico – Estrada da Vida

The “founding fathers” of modern Sertanejo became huge hit-makers during the 1970s.

Sergio Reis – Panela Velha

Originally from the rock movement Jovem Guarda, he adopted Sertanejo in the 1970s and became one of its biggest names.

Chitãozinho e Xororó – Evidências

With 30 million albums sold, they are the biggest name in Sertanejo

Zezé di Camardo e Luciano – É o amor

Mullets, wailing guitars and a tune that every Brazilian either loves or loaths. The 1990s, for better or for worse.

Leandro e Leonardo – Não Aprendi Dizer Adeus

Another extremely famous duo; they played until 1998, when Leandro died from cancer.

Roberta Miranda Majestade o Sabiá

She’s been nicknamed the Queen of Sertanejo.

Almir Sater – Tocando em Frente

At the same time Sertanejos went mainstream by the end of the 1980s, more sophisticated artists began to emerge, such as Sater

Luan Santana – Chuva de Arroz

The fourth wave of the genre is named Sertanejo Universitario, a supposedly more sophisticated version of Sertanejo, that blossomed in the 21st Century

Michel TelóAssim Você Me Mata

This became the sixth-best selling single of 2012. Sertanejo was never so popular on the global level.

Gusttavo LimaBalada Boa

Following the path opened by Teló, Gusttavo Lima became a hit in Europe in 2013 with this song; the chorus is an onomatopoeia for sex (tche tche rere).