Brazil Carnival 2017


These photos give you a taste of the glitter and glam of Brazil's Carnival crossdressers

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Today marks the end of a wild four days of Carnival in Brazil. Well, at least for those religious folks starting Lent. For the rest of us, Carnival isn’t anywhere near over. In fact, there are street parties continuing well into March. And carrying the party onwards are Brazil’s fabulous, glamorous, glittering crossdressers.

“Carnival is a time when I liberate my inner panthers, my inner doves, all of the gayness inside of me,” says Bruno Dumont, a 30-year-old actor from Curitiba.

Nobody quite knows when this seemingly age-old crossdressing tradition of Carnival started. But there’s also no doubt that Brazil’s crossdressing revelers aren’t going anywhere. While Brazil records the highest rates of homophobic violence in the region, the country also hosts the world’s largest Gay Pride parade, in São Paulo. And Carnival is notoriously a time for all walks of life – all of Brazil’s colorful subcultures – to collide.

So really, with so much marvelous queenship happening right now, who could ever want Carnival to end? Don’t miss out on the fabulosity! Check out the colorful crossdressers of Brazilian Carnival right here.