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10 photos that show Brazilian Carnival is for kids babies, too

Prepare for the cuteness
Brazil Carnival 2017

Wait, you thought Brazilian Carnival was just for the grown-ups? Not in Brazil! In fact, there’s no age too young to start enjoying the festivities. While the adults get rowdy, kids get to have their fun as well. And what parent misses out on a chance to put their baby in an adorable costume? Get ready for the cuteness, because here are 10 of our favorite pictures that capture the young spirit of Carnival in Brazil.

1. Hooray, Carnival!

hooray carnival

2. Young captain

carnival pirate

3. Wonder Woman and friends

carnival friends

4. Carnival Princesses

carnival girls

5. Sibs forever

carnival siblings

6. She’s angry at Carnival…

carnival mom

7. Ladybug on my shoulders

carnival ladybug

8. Mother fairy

carnival fairies

9. Teen dad

carnival teen dad

10. Baby clown

carnival baby clown