Walmart to pay fine for making employees work during Brazil's World Cup game - plus

Walmart to pay fine for making employees work during Brazil’s World Cup game

Walmart will pay an entire day's work with an additional 100% bonus to each employee
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Brazil’s Superior Labor Court (TST) fined Walmart for not allowing its employees to watch the opening game of the 2014 World Cup. The American company will have to pay each employee twice the amount of an entire day’s work in compensation. The case involves employees of Supermercado Big Toledo in the southern state of Paraná.

The TST ruled that the company did not abide by the collective contract signed with its employees. In the agreement, employers promised to let the employees off at least 30 minutes before the game. Then, the store would only be able to open at least 30 minutes after the game ended. The game in question occurred on June 12th between Brazil and Croatia.

Employees brought forth the case through the Syndicate of Employees of Commerce of Toledo. The Court granted their case based on the fact that the superstore remained open during the game.