Summer Tourism In Brazil Peaks At The New Year - plus55


Hundreds of thousands of summer tourists arrive to celebrate the New Year in Brazil's famous beaches and parties
Brazil Business

The New Year is Brazil’s first peak in summer tourism of the year. It’s also the biggest tourist event besides Carnaval, held the following month.

Just in Rio, the number-one New Year’s destination, the city expects 865,000 tourists to bring in around $691 million. Rio’s hotels are at 85 percent occupancy for the holidays. Accommodations increased from 29,000 to 50,000 beds in the last six months. The city has since played host to both the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. During the Summer Olympics, Rio received 1.17 million tourists who spent an average of 424.62 BRL per day.

Other regional tourist destinations, like Natal in the northeast and Florianópolis in the south, are up to 90 percent occupancy. Salvador, the country’s second-favorite New Year’s Eve destination after Rio, is at 96 percent occupancy. The city is home to 400 hotels with 40,000 beds in total, and expects up to 1.5 million partiers for its end-of-the-year bash. Brazil’s cities host giant street parties with free concerts and fireworks displays to cheer in the new year.

Brazilians Love Brazil

More and more Brazilians are choosing destinations within Brazil for their summer travels. 84 percent of Brazilians who do want to travel intend to do so within Brazil.

Meanwhile, Brazil is investing in foreign tourism more than ever, which brought in $5.5 billion this year.