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Brazil jail break: 88 prisoners escape state prison through hole in ground



A rudimentary bridge made from wood. It's also how former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso defined Michel Temer's government, which presented itself as "a bridge towards the future"

Brazil Politics

Oblivious Michel Temer to "keep on working" despite political crisis

Oblivious President Temer says he’ll “keep on working” despite political crisis

Michel Temer believes he'll keep his office
jbs temer brazil corruption political crisis

Temer and 17 party leaders want to cancel JBS Brazil plea deal

The plea deal launched investigations into prominent politicians across party lines
plus55 on Al Jazeera

plus55 on Al Jazeera

In the aftermath of Dilma Rousseff's impeachment, Al Jazeera's correspondent Daniel Schweimler interviewed Gustavo Ribeiro, plus55's content director.

Brazil Business

Brazil’s stock market could give Petrobras an advantage

Brazil’s stock market could give Petrobras an advantage

Petrobras could leverage its debt in spite of the recent plunge in Brazil’s stock market
S&P could cut Brazil's rating further into junk territory - plus55

S&P could cut Brazil’s rating further into junk territory

The agency has cited political instability as the reason
JBS stock plummets, bringing the Brazil Futures index down with it

Brazil futures down as JBS stock plummets 31 percent

Ibovespa futures fell again over the weekend after plummeting last Wednesday

Brazil Culture

protests in Brasília brazil protests political turmoil president michel temer brazil

Armed forces called in as protests in Brasília turn violent

Violence became the defining factor of protests against the Temer government in Brasília today, with Brazil's armed forces being called in to stifle the conflict
Miners find 794 pound emerald brazil

Miners find 794 pound emerald in northeastern Brazil

The northern region of Bahia is famous for mineral extraction
brazilian christmas food

Brazilian Christmas Food

Let's be honest: Brazilian Christmas food is especially delicious!

Brazil Sports

vinicius junior

Vinicius Junior Real Madrid Contract makes him the most expensive teenager, ever

The 16-year-old left end raked in $69 million on his international transfer
copa libertadores brazil chapecoense

Copa Libertadores: Despite epic win, Chapecoense eliminated

The team was punished for fielding a suspended player last week against Lanús
brazilian football confederation president ricardo teixeira

Brazilian Football Confederation corruption ring exposed

The police have arrested former FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell