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Lula corruption case deepens with multiple informants



Tiradentes was the nickname of Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, a national hero in Brazil. Though Brazilians know him as an independentist leader, history may beg to differ

Brazil Politics

protesters storm congress

After protesters storm Congress, government backpedals in pension reform

Protesters invaded the Parliament building and broke windows
trump temer 2017

Temer and Trump to meet in 2017, confirms Brazilian ambassador to US

The meeting will likely take place during the UN General Assembly in September
plus55 on Al Jazeera

plus55 on Al Jazeera

In the aftermath of Dilma Rousseff's impeachment, Al Jazeera's correspondent Daniel Schweimler interviewed Gustavo Ribeiro, plus55's content director.

Brazil Culture

truck driver wolf video brazil

Truck driver revives dehydrated wolf in the scorching Brazilian sun

The video shows one driver pouring water into the mouth of the wolf to revive it
brazilian monkey species yellow fever outbreak

Brazilian monkey species could disappear due to yellow fever outbreak

The outbreak becomes not only a health issue; it could also become an environmental disaster
brazilian christmas food

Brazilian Christmas Food

Let's be honest: Brazilian Christmas food is especially delicious!

Brazil Opinion

Michel Temer Brazil President Brazil government operation car wash

Is Brazil marching towards chaos?

Politicians are divided between saving their own skin and preventing the country from economic chaos
south america crisis representation political turmoil social unrest

South America: A Polarized Continent

After a decade of relative stability, South America experiences political turmoil and social unrest
Brazil Impeachment Dilma Rousseff's Speech Brazilian president corruption odebrecht

Was Dilma Rousseff really an honest president?

According to businessman Marcelo Odebrecht, Rousseff knew all about the illegal financing of her 2014 campaign

Brazil Sports

max verstappen brazil racist comment felipe massa

Max Verstappen apologizes for racist remarks about Brazil

The Dutch racer lashed at Brazilians following a problem with Felipe Massa in Bahrain
neymar brazil football barcelona arrested social media santos

Amidst legal battle, Neymar snubs Santos’ anniversary

The genius striker has, once again, generates bad buzz on social media
How Brazilian football teams contribute to the pension system deficit

How Brazilian football teams contribute to the pension system deficit

Football clubs owe 800 million BRL to the social security system

Brazil Tourism

pedra do telégrafo

Pedra do Telégrafo, Brazil’s Number One Selfie Destination

For those who want to live on the edge without actually risking their lives
baía do sancho fernando de noronha

Baía do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha Voted Best Beach In The World

Baía do Sancho was voted the world's best beach for the second year in a row
são paulo

Top 10 Amazing Places You Must Check Out In São Paulo

The Latin American megapolis is filled with places of alternative culture and art, local history, and ethnic diversity