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A doleiro is an illegal exchange trader. When Brazilians suffered daily with the rise of inflation, these 'professionals' helped secure their earnings by transforming then into valuable dollars.

Brazil Politics

Brazil's President Michel Temer plans to strikes back against Operation Car Wash Attorney General Supreme Court Operation Car Wash

Brazil’s House Committee rejects report against Temer. What does it mean?

Will President Temer escape criminal prosecution?
Temer will not be tried by STF, Brazil House Justice Committee votes

House Committee rejects report recommending Temer to go to trial

After behind-the-scenes changes, Michel Temer got to show some strength before the House roll call vote
plus55 on Al Jazeera

plus55 on Al Jazeera

In the aftermath of Dilma Rousseff's impeachment, Al Jazeera's correspondent Daniel Schweimler interviewed Gustavo Ribeiro, plus55's content director.

Brazil Business

wto brazil's industrial policy

WTO: Brazil’s economy remains way too isolated

The Brazilian economy remains isolated, says report
cedae rio de janeiro

Chinese companies to invest 32bn BRL in Rio de Janeiro

From telecom to energy companies, the Chinese have their eyes on Brazil
Brazil Labor Reform Senate Urgency Motion

Brazilian Senate approves labor reform. Find out what changes

After protests from senators, Congress approves the overhaul of the labor legislation

Brazil Culture

Brazil has 18 of the top 50 universities in Latin America

Brazil has 18 of the top 50 universities in Latin America

The State University of Campinas knocks São Paulo University off the top spot
Brazil is losing soft power, says new report

Brazil is losing soft power, says USC report

The report says the country’s diplomatic influence is waning
brazilian christmas food

Brazilian Christmas Food

Let's be honest: Brazilian Christmas food is especially delicious!

Brazil Sports

Pelé debut Brazil team seleção soccer football Argentina goal scored

60 years ago, a young Pelé debuted for the Brazilian team

The king of football was only 16 but managed to score his first goal for the seleção against Argentina
Brazil's national team Germany Fifa Rankings Soccer Football World Cup 2018 Russia Confederations Cup Under 21

Fifa Rankings: Brazil’s national team loses first place to Germany

Tite's seleção team lost the lead after Germany's recent triumph in the Confederations Cup
Neymar best-paid young athlete

Neymar is the best-paid young athlete in the world

Footballing legend Neymar is the best-paid athlete under 25 years of age in the entire world, according to a new list released by Forbes